Esperide Tee-Shirts


For the sake of fun, we designed various Esperide tee-shirts. You can order them from this website, starting from one single tee-shirt, and have them shipped to you within a few days. We do our best so that their price remains not too high, despite the fact that producing in small volumes is not really cost-effective.

We ensured that top quality fabric and printing process (digital serigraphy, a.k.a. screen printing) are used, for increased durability. On most of our designs, both sides of the tee-shirt are printed, so that you can impress people in front of you but also behind you.

Except when it is the purpose of a tee-shirt to advertise the Esperide Project, we do not put a specific brand or trademark on our tee-shirts, so that their message remains "pure", without commercial noise.

Any specified credit card number is handled only by a bank, not by us, thus security is ensured. The prices are expressed in the euro currency, and they include taxes (VAT).

On request, we might be able to create variations of these designs, for example if you want a special color, fabric, object, if your country cannot be handled by our shop, if you want a large number of products, etc.

Available Designs

Currently we created the following designs:

Our little tee-shirt shop can be also directly accessed from here, but we recommend to start by reading first the page dedicated to the design that interests you (just click on the corresponding link, on the left of this page).

You can also suggest us design ideas that you would want to wear to dazzle people passing-by./li>

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Last update: Friday, December 19, 2008