StarEsperide Tee-Shirt

This is the first tee-shirt design we created, in early December 2008. Our intent was to offer to our three nephews tee-shirts that would carry some humoristic references to a well-known epic space-opera setting which involves the use of the Force.

Unfortunately we were unable to find satisfactory products: they were either made of low quality fabric and/or badly printed (ex: numeric offset printing) and/or the message was not adequate in term of meaning (ambiguous or incomplete) or of rendering (poor lisibility, dull colors, etc.). Moreover very few tee-shirts had printings on both sides, i.e. at the front and at the back.

Therefore we designed our own "perfect" tee-shirt, starting by the back side.

Tee-Shirt Design

Back of the StarEsperide Tee-Shirt

Although the preview image below is a bit small, one should be able to read the following message:

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies -V.

This funny sentence has been existing for years on numerous tee-shirts available from a huge number of websites, so we have not invented anything with this one.

Some people tend to think that the "-V." signature would actually refer to Darth Vader, from Starwars, but for sure we do not want to pollute your mind with groundless assumptions!

We are quite satisfied with the color and the font we used. The latter one comes from Larabie Fonts, kindly distributed by Ray Larabie. This particular font is named Prime Minister of Canada, and we like it much.

Back of the StarEsperide Tee-Shirt

Front of the StarEsperide Tee-Shirt

An awesome tee-shirt of course must have a front and a back message, so we had to imagine what would integrate the best with the back. We opt for a symmetrical and complementary message - to the best of our knowledge, totally original, in a yin and yang fashion:

Join The Force. Yes. Tax cuts, we have. -Y.

Some people found that the awkward syntax, the "-Y." signature and the color suggest that the message could come from Yoda, the Jedi knight. No comment on that either!

Front of the StarEsperide Tee-Shirt


The StarEsperide tee-shirt can be ordered directly from our shop.

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Last update: Friday, December 12, 2008